Natural Baby & Toddler Treats

Natural Baby & Toddler Treats

Homemade, Nourishing Recipes for Baby and Beyond

Leigh Ann Chatagnier


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Create a foundation of healthy habits and discerning palettes from the start!

Learn the ins and outs of introducing food so good, even you will want to eat it! This adorable and innovative cookbook is packed full of easy recipes that are bursting with flavor and nutrients to expand your baby’s palette and give them the vitamins they need to thrive.

Work your way through flavorful purees that will delight your baby’s taste buds and get them excited for real food. Then, you’ll transition into little bites, breakfast bowls, smoothies, and special lunch box and snacktime treats, that get them ready to participate in family mealtime! (And enjoy the special mamas-only chapter at the end—you deserve it!).

Recipes include:


  • Roasted banana and pears with cinnamon
  • Zucchini mashed potatoes with thyme
  • Curry coconut sweet potatoes
  • Spinach and lentil fritters
  • Mini whole wheat vanilla waffles
  • Tropical coconut chia pudding
  • Cocoa spinach protein smoothie
  • Mini cheddar, sweet potato, and leek frittatas
  • Baked fish sticks
  • So many more!



Leigh Ann Chatagnier:
Leigh Ann Chatagnier is the founder of food & lifestyle blog My Diary of Us and author of The Unexpected Cajun Kitchen: Classic Cuisine with a Twist of Farm-to-Table Freshness. Cooking has always been a part of her life, and she has always enjoyed creating recipes around fresh, not processed, foods. When her son was born, she knew she wanted to start him off on this healthy path as soon as possible! Leigh Ann lives with her husband and son in Houston, Texas.