Right of Boom

Right of Boom

The Aftermath of Nuclear Terrorism

Benjamin E. Schwartz


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“[A] seasoned national security professional and gifted writer” offers an in-depth analysis of what might happen after a nuclear attack on US soil (Matthew Kroenig, author of Exporting the Bomb).
In the parlance of disaster preparedness, “right of boom” refers to the terrifying moments after a crisis hits. In Right of Boom, national security specialist Benjamin Schwartz examines what could happen after a nuclear explosion takes place in the United States—the event that many experts have acknowledged as the greatest single national security threat we face. While many assume such an attack would automatically trigger a globally devastating exchange of nuclear attacks, Schwartz demonstrates that the realities are far more nuanced and complex.
Hypothesizing an explosion in downtown Washington, DC, Schwartz maps out the likely ramifications while going deep into history to explore the limited range of options available to a commander in chief. Drawing from his experience as an analyst at the Departments of Defense, State, and Energy, Schwartz offers a fully panoramic view of a terrifyingly real possibility.
“Should be required reading.” —The Washington Free Beacon