The Divine Plan

The Divine Plan

Paul Kengor, Robert Orlando


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Just six weeks apart in the spring of 1981, Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan took bullets from would-be assassins. Few knew it at the time, but both men came close to dying.

Surviving these near-death experiences created a singular bond between the pope and the president that historians have failed to appreciate.

When John Paul II and Reagan met in the Vatican only a year later, they confided to each other a shared conviction: that God had spared their lives for a reason.
That reason? To defeat communism.

In private, Reagan had a name for this: the “DP”—the Divine Plan.


Paul Kengor:
Paul Kengor, PhD, is the New York Times–bestselling author of A Pope and a President, God and Ronald Reagan, 11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative, Dupes, The Communist, and other books. A professor of political science and the executive director of the Center for Vision and Values at Grove City College, he writes regularly for publications ranging from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal to Political Science Quarterly. Kengor has appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, NPR, C-SPAN, and many other outlets. He and his family live in Pennsylvania.

Robert Orlando is an award-winning writer and filmmaker. The founder of Nexus Media, he has been involved in the production, development, or release of more than a dozen film and documentary projects. Sony Pictures released his most recent documentary, Silence Patton. Orlando wrote and directed the companion documentary to be released in conjunction with The Divine Plan.