Back on Track

Back on Track

George Kenneth Marshall, MD


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Although Zack Taylor has become an alcoholic after asking his drug-addicted wife to leave the home, he has two delightful children, Sissy and Danny, who implement a search for their grandparents that Zack and Elaine had excluded from their lives. Zack is neglecting the children with gambling and alcohol consumption. After losing a tidy sum to Zack in a betting card game the loser, a drug cartel kingpin, abducts Zack eventually transferring him to a drug packaging factory in Belize where he’s held prisoner. As Zack goes through alcohol withdrawal, he recognizes the foolishness of his path in life, and as he’s exposed to the Christian faith of his fellow prisoner, he finds new hope in Jesus.

Sissy and Danny reconnect with their grandparents who welcome them joyously while Zack and his new Christian friend break out of their factory prison and join Zack’s younger brother, Evan, an engineer working in Belize. After several harrowing experiences Zack, Evan, and Evan’s fiancée, Alice, make it back to the United States to rejoin their families.

Soon after their return a successful effort is made to find Elaine. However, she is terminally ill with a drug-related infection. The families take Elaine home to give comfort care; eventually, Elaine declares her Faith.

Can Zack and his children take this opportunity to rebuild their lives despite Zack’s history of alcohol addiction and a destructive lifestyle by turning to and trusting in Jesus Christ?


George Kenneth Marshall, MD:

George Kenneth Marshall, MD grew up in northwest Nebraska, practiced Family Medicine in east Texas thirty-seven years, and is now retired in west Tennessee.  He enjoys singing, reading, church participation, and yard work.  With seven children and stepchildren and fourteen grandchildren there are always opportunities for travel and family activities.  Dr. Ken believes wholeheartedly in the redemptive power of life committed to Jesus Christ.