Lies From The Autobiography

Lies From The Autobiography

vol 1 Seany

Rp Verlaine


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In short poems and photographs, Rp Verlaine and New York Model
Seany Marie, tell a doomed love story that begins in a bar and is navigated in bedrooms and city streets. Rp Verlaine uses lean economical lines to tell the story: Her detached smile/ was subversive yet aloof enough to leave hints with demure camouflage/ when it found my lips. The two lovers speak in terse sentences , sometimes playful often aloof: So untidy her personal life/ I leave her bed made. As the story plays out, Rp Verlaine's trademark humor is sharp and often present: She tells me she loves her tanning bed second only to me/ it's a good thing she agrees I'm hotter. In the end, the lovers find the journey not without its pleasures but difficult to sustain:
(She)Turns bare back to me/ where there's not enough space/ to write what I feel. Rp Verlaine's Lies from the autobiography vol 1 Seany is a poetry book well worth your time.