The Love Story You Want to Feel . . .

G. Meridian Paris


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This book is an epic burst of love. It is the most unique gift of love designed for couples or individuals. Often we feel we must have a silent scream and still smile. This book finds the ecstasy in exhaling—sharing the truest, purest heart and the newest rose-budding smile. It is a truth and an unveiling of my eyes as the intention was ruling, renewing, and elevating my life, not just the outcome, to celebrate rebuking the old and becoming the best me or each of us that we can be—not just for each individual but for all of those around us that we also impact. I put this into the world to encourage self-evaluation, self-strength, and appreciation, acknowledging healthy partner love yet not necessary. A day celebrating love is in thought because one of my daughters loathed a holiday built upon connection and approval of another, which often was not her space. Yet this is well beyond that and the holiday. Although it is lovely to share love through the entire country, it is never the focus. No matter what I did, she could not see her beauty on this day because it was not acknowledged by another as we can all relate yet can enjoy despite. Knowing and finding our strength often proves to be the forest. But one strong tree can stand even stronger next to another or even just as beautiful alone. That strength, that level of love, and that grounding of one’s own roots last every day of the year—an elevated love.