How Nature Awakens Our Creativity, Compassion, and Joy

Andrés R Edwards, Marc Bekoff


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  • Using personal accounts and research in cognitive and behavioral science, Edwards highlights how cultivating an emotional bond with nature benefits us and the natural world
  • The book describes why nature makes us more joyful, creative, and compassionate
  • Demonstrates how we can regenerate ecosystems by living in harmony with nature's rhythms.
  • Demonstrates how emulating and learning from nature is yielding design breakthroughs through biomimicry and biophilic designs in buildings.
  • Highlights the importance of compassion and coexisting with wildlife in designing our urban dwellings, and conservation strategies
  • Calls for an ecocentric ethic in which we use natural resources wisely and promote species biodiversity.
  • Andrés Edwards is an educator, award-winning author, media designer and sustainability consultant. Author of three other New Society Publishers titles which have sold almost 40,000 copies

Intended audience: will appeal to people who love nature and the science behind human behavior and contemplative sciences, as well as to educators and the general public interested in environmental conservation