Honor for Aging Parents

Honor for Aging Parents

Judy Collins Hale


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As an only child, author Judy Collins Hale served as the primary support for both of her aging parents during any illness, medical treatment, or hospitalization. She encountered firsthand many common health concerns for senior citizens. In Honor for Aging Parents, she shares her experiences as a care provider and the information she gleaned from that role.

From driving ability to money management and personal hygiene, she offers a look at a host of topics regarding providing care to seniors:

understanding the general signs of aging;

common health problems for senior adults;

honoring the aging with the gift of companionship;

staying young at heart;

knowing your heritage and roots;

independent living versus assisted living;

equipment and helpful resources;

signs of dementia/Alzheimer’s;

basic tips for daily care;

the process of dying;

grief; and

moving forward.

In this journal, Hale offers tips, advice, and guidance for those who need to make important decisions about health care, finances, lifestyle changes, and possibly assisted living arrangements as loved ones reach their senior years.