Intuitive Parenting

Intuitive Parenting

How to tune in to your innate wisdom

Jennifer Day


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'In her wise book, Jennifer Day makes a powerful case for parental confidence . . . Intuitive Parenting offers practical strategies for overcoming the stresses of parenting and embracing our own inner capacities' - Daniel H. Pink, bestselling author of Drive

Reconnect with your parenting intuition and the innate wisdom it provides with simple, practical steps. Reduce stress and overwhelm, and improve your confidence and relationships.

Parents today are inundated with information and expert advice, often contradictory and invariably overwhelming. This results in anxiety, insecurity and stressed parenting that inevitably drives wedges between parents and children instead of the much-needed connection. This book offers swift, practical and to-the-point information to help you reconnect with your innate wisdom, giving you the confidence to trust your own parenting intuition.

· Learn what gets in the way of connecting to your intuition and how to eliminate it
· Discover the key - and underused - ingredient to your own parenting blueprint
· Learn the three levels of influence you have on your child and how (and why) to align them
· Discover the one simple tool to managing your stress - so easy your child can do it too
· Learn how to give unspoken support and how to practice true listening

The practical everyday applications this book offers will reduce your anxiety and help you to connect and be fully present with your child, improving relationships for you both.