A Secret Arrangement/A Convenient Proposal/The Secret Seduction/The Puppy Proposal

A Secret Arrangement/A Convenient Proposal/The Secret Seduction/The Puppy Proposal

Cathy Gillen Thacker, Lynnette Kent, Katie Meyer


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A Convenient Proposal - Lynette Kent

After an unforgettable kiss with a near stranger, Arden Burke is shocked when Griff Campbell proposes. Arden doesn't want a husband – she has her devoted rescue dog, Igor, for company. But what she would like is a child.

All she has to do is be Griff's fiancee for a few weeks and in return, the small-town vet will give Arden the baby she wants. But what started out as a temporary solution to soothe his male pride is turning into a real future. One that includes Arden, her dog and their soon-to-be baby!

The Secret Seduction - Cathy Gillen Thacker

Once upon a time – and after too many birthday margaritas – ice princess Lily Madsen decides she's had enough of being a virginal Southern belle and bets her friends that she can seduce a visiting TV star. But Fletcher Hart, the town's wickedly gorgeous veterinarian, keeps interfering with her plans...

When Fletcher discovers Lily's outrageous gamble, he feels obligated to protect the innocent beauty – until he finds himself caught in a scandalous wager of his own. Now the game is on – and both Lily and Fletcher are determined to win. But how far are they willing to go in the name of love?

The Puppy Proposal - Katie Meyer

Veterinary technician Jillian Everett has met plenty of canines – and some men who deserve 'dog' tags. But when millionaire Nic Caruso strides into her clinic with a scruffy border collie muddying his designer suit, Jillian has to sit up and take notice.

Nic doesn't expect to fall for a dog in need – or his beautiful caretaker! But can Jillian tame this stray for good? Or will Nic remain a lone wolf forever?


Lynnette Kent:

Lynnette Kent lives on a farm in southeastern North Carolina with her six horses and six dogs. When she isn’t busy riding, driving or feeding animals, she loves to tend her gardens and read and write books.

Katie Meyer is a Florida native with a firm belief in happy endings. She studied English and Religion before getting a degree in Veterinary Technology. A former Veterinary Technician and dog trainer, she now spends her days homeschooling her children, writing, and snuggling with her many pets. Her guilty pleasures include chocolate, Downton Abbey, and cheap champagne. Credit for her romance writing goes to her parents and her husband, who taught her what true love really is.