The Doctrine of the Spirit-filled Church

The Doctrine of the Spirit-filled Church

Francis Vlok


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The Lord Jesus Christ declared . . . I will build My church: and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. (Matthew 16:18). Throughout the past two thousand years, the church has proclaimed a variety of methods for people to follow in Jesus’ steps. Yet, few have followed His instructions and built the church according to Christ’s teachings which were entrusted to the ministers in His church. The first church was rooted and grounded in the Apostles’ Doctrine (Acts 2:42) and as such the church was built on the sure foundation. Sadly, it has not always contended for the faith but designed and adopted methods that are not in accordance with Christ’s teachings.

Now is the appropriate time for the church to return to the biblical structure and conform to tenets found in the Bible. This book contains all the tenets of the Apostles’ Doctrine in one volume. It expounds the deep truths within the Holy Writ and leads ministers to once again conform to the perfect will of God (Romans 12:1-2).


Francis Vlok:

Francis Vlok is an ordained minister for more than forty years in The Christian Fellowship. He was led by the Lord to establish a church in South Africa and since immigrating to the United States, he was again led to establish a church in Pachuta, MS. He has lectured at the School of Ministry in South Africa and served as the Vice-president of the Fellowship. He has written the book The Perfect Will of God, and now, under the instruction of the Holy Spirit, completed this doctrinal volume.