The Legend of Theodore E. Bear

The Legend of Theodore E. Bear


Annette Parkhurst


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When God created the world there was a canopy covering the Earth. Before Noah and the Flood, people and animals lived hundreds of years because there was less radiation coming through the atmosphere, troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, and all the spheres around the Earth protecting us from outer space. Theodore E. Bear, or “Teddy,” as he was lovingly called, was created by God and asked to protect children. As a creation of God, he could not live forever. When he was in his 500th year of life, God saw the beloved Teddy slowing down, but never tired by his work with children. Instead of scampering like a cub, he sauntered like a stately elder statesman, wearing a plaid vest and sporting a lovely cane, made for him by one of his friends, generally one of the Beaver’s. God called to Teddy to chat and asked him to help to create a stuffed teddy bear. This was a very special moment for Theodore. He knew God didn’t need his help, but he was with Him, ‘as a master craftsman at His side, and daily His delight.’ (Proverbs 8:30) They worked together and created a new Teddy Bear who would be given to children by their Mommy’s and Daddy’s who remembered their own Teddy. God and Teddy knew the new Teddy Bear they had made was perfect. God made sure the bear was huggable and able to last through the years of childhood and beyond with a smile that never wavered.


We hope you enjoy The Legend of Theodore E. Bear and love your own Teddy.


Annette Parkhurst:

Annette Parkhurst has taught 9th grade geography for 12 years, ever since God clarified His path for her. The LEGEND OF THEODORE E. BEAR (“TEDDY”), in many ways, is her relationship with God, an on-going conversation filled with tears, instructions, battles and always laughter. She loves how God uses humor to hold her attention and instruct her. Annette lives in the Austin, Texas metroplex.