Old School for a New Generation

Old School for a New Generation

S. Loth


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Experiential Insight for Youth and Young Adults

Concept, ideas, tidbits, and suggestions. Old School for a New Generation will get you thinking about people, circumstances, and your surroundings from a different perspective. The underlying theme speaks to genuine human interaction and pondering what's around you. Written in straight-forward, easily digestible tweet-length chunks, it's a thought-provoking, easy read that won't put your feet to sleep. And down the road you might not have to look back and ask yourself: "If I knew then what I know now. . . "

The journey of life is full of surprises and hidden meaning, and there is much to appreciate, but sometimes it isn't easy. There are many layers, so take time to truly experience them. The key is to explore what you like and follow it, but don't rush through it! Old School for a New Generation is about passing along tidbits of what that author has seen, done, experienced, and most importantly, learned by making mistakes. And by providing this insight, hopefully make your passage through youth, and life, a bit easier.


S. Loth:

The author still uses a cracked iPhone 4 (in spite of the abuse he takes) and prefers to talk on a landline (yes, they still exist). When out with his family, he’s typically lagging behind, which prompted his youngest son to brand him a sloth. He can easily be spotted in faded 505™ jeans and t-shirts, with a summer attire of cargo shorts (inviting even more ridicule) and bare feet. A contrarian by nature, who doesn’t understand why things don’t seem obvious to others, but he’s gotten used to it.