Getting to Baby

Getting to Baby

Creating your Family Faster, Easier and Less Expensive through Fertility, Adoption, or Surrogacy

Victoria Collier, Jennifer Collier


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THE guidebook for creating a perfect family in a non-perfect world—from budgeting and caregiving issues to managing the emotional highs and lows.
Creating a family in the twenty-first century presents certain challenges: career couples are waiting longer and discovering infertility issues, and gay and lesbian couples are becoming parents through various methods. The authors share their five-year story, struggles, and success of creating a family. This book is designed to aide others who are going through the process of creating a child through alternative means, with a specific intent of providing shortcuts in time, emotions, and money.
“Shares the personal experiences of Victoria and Jennifer . . . a must read for anyone experiencing challenges in creating their family.” —James B. Outman, Fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys