The Book on Public Speaking

The Book on Public Speaking

Topher Morrison, Joel Comm


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“One of the most powerful professional speakers in America . . . reveals how he’s earned millions onstage, on camera and in business” (Steve Siebold, CSP, past chairman of The National Speakers Association’s Million Dollar Speakers Group).
If you look at the trends of over thirty years ago in fashion, technology, architecture, and any other industry, what was cutting edge back then has become cliché and grossly out of date now. But in the speaking industry, most people get up and still walk, talk, and sound like the 1980s motivational speakers of yesteryear.
The Book on Public Speaking takes a head-on approach and challenges the status quo for business leaders that speak in front of their staff, board of directors, and the public. After reading this book you will be privy to the most current methods for speaking to an audience for maximum impact in today’s more sophisticated and skeptical culture. If you are the type of business leader who has achieved a level of success in life and feel compelled to share your story with the world, don’t lessen that impact by imitating outdated speaking techniques. Instead, break the mold of the speaker cliché and tap into a speaking style that is authentic, packs a punch, and leaves the audience wanting more.
“I learned some amazing presentation techniques from Topher. I’m using them right now. They’re awesome. You can’t tell because you’re reading this.” —John Heffron, winner of The Last Comic Standing
“Morrison is crazy good at training you how to communicate on-camera so that your business gets more attention.” —James Lavers, professional speaker, founder, “Selling from the Screen”