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Inside Insight

Worley's Identity Discovery Profile (WIDP)

John W Worley


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Who are you? Wouldn't you like to be authentic?

“INSIDE INSIGHT!” By the time you finish reading this book, YOU will be a NEW PERSON!

Most people have no idea what they want. Then again, for that matter, who they are. That is causing a world of hurt.

The outcome from Dr. Worley is a ground-breaking psychometric assessment, Worley’s ID Profile (WIDP). WIDP used with overwhelmingly positive reviews by corporate leaders, HR Departments, clinicians, churches, schools, sports teams, families, and individuals.

In this book, Dr. Worley speaks about how he developed WIDP, why it is radically different from other profiling systems, and how you can use it to help align your outer persona and behavior with your inner expectations. WIDP concretely identifies what you "prefer and do not prefer from others.” This crucial proof will help enhance your quality of life, and "You will see yourself on the pages of your profile.”

Having completed thousands of profiles I ALWAYS get responses like, “WOW, how can you get this much information from those questions?” or “I can’t believe how accurate this is about me!” or “I wish I had this information when I was younger!” or “I want to profile my whole family.”

Let’s say you are one of those individuals that have always felt uncomfortable being around many people and don’t like to socialize. GUESS WHAT? Most of society is like that! That is why no one talks on elevators or in doctor’s offices. It just happens to be your unique temperament. It is “OK” for you to feel that way because that is who you are so, leave yourself alone and enjoy the recluse life. You are one of those people who live in their head, thinking, creating, dreaming and inventing ideas. Most people go through life not being able to identify with their true inner desires. You are one of a kind, unique person and that makes you very special.

Then there is the temperament that has the innate desire always to be leading others, making decisions, and being in control. They are natural-born leaders and, like cream in milk, will always rise to the top of an organization. You are naturally gifted as a leader and have innate ability to lead armies. If you cannot lead where you are, you will move to another position. You will be anxious until you land in a governance spot. Once you find that position, you will be fulfilled.

Then there are the peacemakers, servants, and cheerleaders! The peacemakers balance out everyone and maintain harmony. They are great arbitrators and have a comedy streak. The servants are loyal and committed to working until the task is completed. They are proficient and quiet. They are invaluable. The cheerleaders are the socialites who make the world exciting and fun. Without them, life would be boring. We need them, and they want all of us to be open to them and to be their friends. They are very colorful and expressive and, very open in their communications.

We’re different! Appreciate your temperament. You are VERY important!

Expect miracles.