The Humility of Being Found

The Humility of Being Found

A Journey To Rescue

Kevin Cain


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The need to be rescued is somewhat about personal incompleteness and mostly about God, who desires to have loving communion with creation. Spiritual rescue follows a simple pattern: Messiah is lovingly sent to rescue; each has a tendency to fight against the Rescuer; personal humility is a statement of faithful surrender and the key to being found; the greatest journey of rescue is Jesus Messiah’s upper room to empty tomb victory over sin and death; now rescued, the individual’s only responsibility is to bear the Christ Who bears our wounds. Such is the journey to rescue.

In The Humility of Being Found: A Journey To Rescue, Kevin B. Cain writes, “Please acknowledge deep within every soul there is division from and longing for communion with the One larger than ourselves and with brothers and sisters in the struggle of life. Every division requires rescue, and the eternal estrangement of people from the God Who loves them necessitates the greatest of rescues. And, so, whether we realize or not, each of us sets out on a journey to discover rescue. Thousands of years ago, Messiah did the same. God descended into a journey, not to be rescued, but to offer rescue. The apostle, Paul, says Messiah’s journey to rescue each of us can be summed up in three words: death, burial, and resurrection. Whether the individual’s journey to be rescued is active or passive, Jesus’ journey of death, burial, and resurrection has brought rescue to all. You are now being invited to enter thirty-six hours from my personal journal. In the pages that follow, you will read my chronicling of Jesus’ Upper Room to empty-tomb journey of rescue and my attempt, through vigil, to journey alongside creation’s Rescuer. In the written testimony of my journey to be rescued and my stumbling over the Messianic leaf of God’s rescue that follows, perhaps you too will stumble, welcome rescue, and rise.”


Kevin Cain:

KEVIN B. CAIN is the founding pastor of Kingdom: A Community Church in Westover, West Virginia, and he is the author of both, As She Is Dying, and the widely read #earlywillirise daily devotional.  Pastoring for thirty years in his lifelong hometown has granted Kevin the privilege to walk alongside the new-life journeys of many.  Kevin and his wife, Lesley, are the parents of three college-age sons, two Basset Hounds, and one Chocolate Lab.