God's Oaks of Righteousness

God's Oaks of Righteousness

Working Together to Develop Servant Christians

Linda Pyle


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In our society it is easy for Christians to become so caught up in our own responsibilities and schedules that we fail to recognize the many opportunities God places in our lives. There are a variety of people that cross our paths every day with physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Some may be passing through our lives for the first, and maybe the last, time. Others may be in our lives for just a short time. Those who are in our inner circle of friends and family will be with us for the majority of our lives.

Whoever these people are, God has placed them in our lives for a purpose. We have the privilege - if we choose to accept this mission - of sharing the love, grace and mercy of God with them. When we look at those around us in the way in which God sees them, we are compelled to reach out to them.

Knowing that each day we live on this earth is ordained by God should give us the motivation to use every opportunity to serve the Lord and bring glory to Him. It should give us a reason to invest in the lives of others as we learn of their special needs which God has gifted us to meet. In so doing we can be part of the exciting ministry of developing God’s Oaks of Righteousness.

God’s Oaks of Righteousness was written to challenge and motivate Christians to recognize opportunities to minister in our world. Everyone has a place in which they have been gifted to serve, whether as a large group leader with a vivacious personality; as a quiet, caring person working one-on-one praying for God’s intervention in the lives of others; as one willingly giving time and energy to supply for the needs they recognize; or somewhere in-between.

God’s Oaks of Righteousness was written to reinforce the concept that we are working together as one united body of Christ. We each have our own area of ministry and spiritual gifts to use for Him. As a team we rejoice together and give God the glory for the spiritual maturity developed in others. We rejoice in their strength to stand firm and live a life honoring God because of their personal relationship with Christ and the Holy Spirit working in and through them.


Linda Pyle:

Linda was born in rural Minnesota and was raised in a conservative Christian family amid a large extended family. Following her formal education, she taught in Christian schools in Oregon, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. She worked briefly in a church ministry support office before moving to Ohio where her husband was a Theological Editor. Christian Education has always been an important part of her life.