Europe Without Baedeker

Europe Without Baedeker

Sketches Among the Ruins of Italy, Greece and England, With Notes from a Diary of 1963-64: Paris, Rome, Budapest

Edmund Wilson


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First published in 1947, Edmund Wilson's Europe without Baedeker returns to print with personal notes from the preeminent author-critic.

This volume provides an informative and vivid account of postwar Europe in the countries of Italy, Greece, and England, as well as diary entries from Wilson's many travels.

"The author--in measured, often seductive prose, makes a telling, thoughtful profile of the places visited, the people seen, and leaves in the mind a distressing picture to contemplate." - Kirkus Reviews


Edmund Wilson:
Edmund Wilson (1895-1972) was a novelist, memoirist, playwright, journalist, poet, and editor but it is as a literary critic that he is most highly regarded. His more than twenty books include Axel’s Castle, Patriotic Gore, To the Finland Station, and Memoirs of Hecate County.