One Coin is Never Enough

One Coin is Never Enough

Why and How We Collect

Michael S. Shutty


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One Coin is Never Enough presents an upbeat, friendly analysis that is a celebration of the collector. Emphasis is placed on the venerable skills that collectors need to cultivate to get started.

Michael S. Shutty Jr., Ph.D. introduces the idea that coins are transformed into something special when numismatists choose to collect them. In this way, the collector is placed front and center. Michael uses the term "marvelous" to capture the allure that coins have for sharing secrets about the past—but here again, he gives coin collectors all the credit for telling their stories. This is a unique approach in numismatic writing, as more often than not, the coins are given precedence! After reading this book, you will realize that it is the other way around. What better way is there to get started or re-invigorated with collecting coins?


Michael S. Shutty:
Michael Shutty, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and assistant professor at James Madison University. He has published more than 40 research studies on a variety of clinical topis in peer-reviewed journals.

An avid coin collector, Shutty admits to being "addicted, genetically motivated and obsessive" about the hobby. His primary collecting interest is Early American coppers, Morgan dollars and Spanish colonial cobs.

A resident of Middlebrook, Va., he has articles on collecting published in The Numismatist and Numismatic News.