Communities of Resistance

Communities of Resistance

Writings on Black Struggles for Socialism

A. Sivanandan


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‘There is no socialism after liberation, socialism is the process through which liberation is won.’ Each of the essays in Communities of Resistance acts as a critical reaffirmation of socialist politics as the context for questions of race and resistance.

The left itself is under scrutiny here—from a black perspective. A series of powerful interventions covers many of the issues which have confronted radical politics in the 1980s: inner-city uprisings, the demand for black sections in the Labour Party, local government anti-racism, the move to a common European market. This collection included incisive critiques of contemporary Marxism (‘All that Melts into Air is Solid: The Hokum of “New Times” ’), of post-colonial development, and of the Eurocentric assessment of imperialism.


A. Sivanandan:
A. Sivanandan is director of the Institute of Race Relations in London, editor of the journal Race and Class and author of A Different Hunger.