Leah Unveiled

Leah Unveiled

Your Best Life Later, Discovering Identity Stronger than the Struggle

Michelle Kelso Kafer


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In the book of Genesis, we see creation, God’s pursuit in covenant, displays of righteousness and faith, but also humanity’s rebellion, judgment, racism, social inequality, and depravity run amuck. We see the difference in walking by faith with God and walking by worldly standards. We see holy justice and raw human injustice. In Genesis chapters 29 and 30, there is no shortage of these elements, where God chose to preserve a diary, of sorts, of a matriarch of the faith. Though history has reduced her story to only descriptive paragraphs, this twelve-week Bible study will unveil why God chose to carry her testimony for our benefit in living out the Christian life. God took her humble position and grafted her into the scarlet thread of the Gospel story. You know her as the wife to a patriarch, who was in love with her sister, and a mother to eight of the original twelve tribes of Israel. Her name is Leah. After this expository styled study, you will be astonished and captivated by her testimony of how faith wrestles to thrive in the land of the living while yielding to the hope of heaven. She is a channel by which world history has been shaped and our hope secured in Christ. You will be encouraged and convicted as you wrestle with the God who revealed Himself to her and who stands to do the same for you.


Michelle Kelso Kafer:

I was given a heritage of loving the Word of God, and drawing near to Him - Psalm 145. The study of theology was nurtured by family and a multitude of theologians, missionaries, churches and ministry affiliations. My academic degrees in philosophy, economics, and business have served to strengthen my Biblical worldview. My husband and I live in the Nashville area with our three children. Theology is central in our home and our local church family is a vital part of our lives.