To Trust in What We Cannot See

To Trust in What We Cannot See

Dennis Mansfield


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Dennis Mansfield's newest book takes readers to an ethical dilemma in meeting Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky and Tito – all in one setting, all at one time – in 1913. Before they became tyrants, they were young men and neighbors – all in the same European city – though they did not know each other. Researched over two years in seven countries and the Holy Land, this is a historical science-fiction story of what did happen and what could have happened.

Linking Brian Greene's incredible work, The Elegant Universe, with Ulysses S. Grant's Personal Memoirs seems an unlikely place to travel through spacetime dimensions - but with the help of well-researched history, physics and science, along with a vivid imagination, the story takes the reader to Vienna, Austria during the very cold month of January, 1913 to Cafe Central; a coffee shop where men with cold hearts are sipping hot drinks and planning their blood-lust futures.