The Ottoman Twilight in the Arab Lands

The Ottoman Twilight in the Arab Lands

Turkish Memoirs and Testimonies of the Great War

Selim Deringil


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  • A general overview of the last Ottoman years of what became the modern Middle East and the genesis of its crises.
  • First time memoirs of various Turkish actors – Ottoman military and civilian officials, eminent intellectuals of the Ottoman and the Republican eras including a woman, which gives a gender dimension – reflecting the twilight of the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East in English.
  • New perspectives on controversial figures such as Jamal Pacha and Khalide Edib
  • Annotation and cross referencing with the recent publications on the Great War in the Middle East.
  • Easily readable.
  • Unique insight into mind set of rulers and ruled.
  • A contribution to the whole idea of collective memory in the region.