Mononegaviruses of Veterinary Importance, Volume 2

Mononegaviruses of Veterinary Importance, Volume 2

Molecular Epidemiology and Control

Muhammad Munir, Paula Kinnunen, Jonas Wensman, Bronwyn A Clayton, Ina Smith


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The Mononegavirales is an order of viruses affecting large, small and marine animals and is responsible for diseases including Rinderpest, Rabies and Ebola. This book discusses the epidemiology and control of Mononegaviruses that pose a significant threat to animals in terms of severity and epidemiological risk. The book also addresses viruses with zoonotic potential, and many that can be used as models in the study of infectious disease. With its comprehensive coverage, each chapter is dedicated to a different disease and has been authored by renowned scientists who have made seminal contributions to the field. This prestige reference work is arranged over two volumes: volume 1 pathobiology and molecular diagnosis, and volume 2 molecular epidemiology and control. This broad ranging text covers mononegaviral diseases of livestock, horses, dogs and cats as well as rodents, primates, fish and marine mammals, and will be a valuable reference source for virologists, field veterinarians, infection and molecular biologists as well as immunologists and animal scientists.