The International Economics of Wine

The International Economics of Wine

Kym Anderson


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The International Economics of Wine provides a broad range of studies by Professor Kym Anderson and his co-authors of the international trade dimension of national, regional and global wine market developments over the past quarter-century. Prior to 1990, barely 10% of global wine production crossed national borders, but now that figure is 40%. In that short period, wine has switched from being one of the world's least-traded agricultural products to one of the most traded internationally. This has created an unprecedented boom for consumers, who have also witnessed huge improvements in the quality and diversity of wines available.

The chapters in this book shed light on the causes and consequences of the dramatic transformation of the world of wine. An economic model of the world's wine markets, based on newly compiled data, makes it possible to quantify the likely effects of changes in incomes, consumer preferences, tax and trade policies, and exchange rates. Differential changes in technologies and winegrape varieties, and the opening up of cooler wine regions, have also altered comparative advantages in wine.

  • Globalization of Wine:
    • A Model of the World's Wine Markets (Glyn Wittwer, Nick Berger and Kym Anderson)
    • Globalisation of the World's Wine Markets (Kym Anderson, David Norman and Glyn Wittwer)
    • Modeling Global Wine Markets to 2018: Exchange Rates, Taste Changes, and China's Import Growth (Kym Anderson and Glyn Wittwer)
    • Intra-Industry Trade in a Rapidly Globalizing Industry: The Case of Wine (Kym Anderson, Joseph Francois, Douglas Nelson and Glyn Wittwer)
    • How Might Climate Changes and Preference Changes Affect the Competitiveness of the World's Wine Regions? (Kym Anderson)
    • UK and Global Wine Markets by 2025, and Implications of Brexit (Kym Anderson and Glyn Wittwer)
    • Cumulative Effects of Brexit and Other UK and EU-27 Bilateral Free-Trade Agreements on the World's Wine Markets (Kym Anderson and Glyn Wittwer)
  • Australia's Wine Internationalization:
    • Accounting for Growth in the Australian Wine Industry, 1987 to 2003 (Glyn Wittwer and Kym Anderson)
    • Who Gains from Australian Generic Wine Promotion and R&D? (Xueyan Zhao, Kym Anderson and Glyn Wittwer)
    • Wine Quality and Varietal, Regional and Winery Reputations: Hedonic Prices for Australia and New Zealand (Günter Schamel and Kym Anderson)
    • What Determines the Future Value of an Icon Wine? New Evidence from Australia (Danielle Wood and Kym Anderson)
    • Australian Wine Industry Competitiveness: Why So Slow to Emerge? (Kym Anderson)
  • Market Developments in Caucasia and Asia:
    • Is Georgia the Next 'New' Wine-Exporting Country? (Kym Anderson)
    • Asia's Evolving Role in Global Wine Markets (Kym Anderson and Glyn Wittwer)
    • How Much Wine Is Really Produced and Consumed in China, Hong Kong, and Japan? (Kym Anderson and Kimie Harada)
  • Distortions to Wine Producer Incentives and Consumer Prices:
    • On the Impact of the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement on US Wine Exports (Kym Anderson)
    • Impact of the GST and Wine Tax Reform on Australia's Wine Industry: A CGE Analysis (Glyn Wittwer and Kym Anderson)
    • Excise and Import Taxes on Wine Versus Beer and Spirits: An International Comparison (Kym Anderson)
    • Excise Taxes on Wines, Beers and Spirits: An Updated International Comparison (Kym Anderson, with the assistance of Nanda Aryal)
    • Wine Export Shocks and Wine Tax Reform in Australia: Regional Consequences Using an Economy-Wide Approach (Kym Anderson, Ernesto Valenzuela and Glyn Wittwer)
    • How Much Government Assistance Do European Wine Producers Receive? (Kym Anderson and Hans G Jensen)
  • Internationalization of Winegrape Varietal Choices:
    • Changing Varietal Distinctiveness of the World's Wine Regions (Kym Anderson)
    • Drifting Towards Bordeaux? The Evolving Varietal Emphasis of US Wine Regions (Julian M Alston, Kym Anderson and Olena Sambucci)
    • Evolving Varietal and Quality Distinctiveness of Australia's Wine Regions (Kym Anderson)
  • Convergence in National Alcohol Consumption Patterns:
    • Convergence in National Alcohol Consumption Patterns: New Global Indicators (Alexander J Holmes and Kym Anderson)
    • Global Alcohol Markets: Evolving Consumption Patterns, Regulations, and Industrial Organizations (Kym Anderson, Giulia Meloni and Johan Swinnen)

Readership: Undergraduate and graduate students as well as specialists in the field of wine economics.Wine Globalization;Australia's Wine Internationalization;Wine Markets in Asia;Wine Price Distortions;Modelling Global Wine Markets0Key Features:
  • Kym Anderson is the world's most-cited wine economist
  • Analysis is based on world's most-comprehensive global databases on wine markets and winegrape varietal choices by region, compiled by the author
  • Unique treatment of this topic