Harmonic Analysis and Wave Equations

Harmonic Analysis and Wave Equations

Jean-Michel Coron, Tatsien Li;Wei-Min Wang


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This book is a collection of lecture notes for the LIASFMA School and Workshop on 'Harmonic Analysis and Wave Equations' which was held on May 8–18, 2017 at Fudan University, in Shanghai, China. The aim of the LIASFMA School and Workshop is to bring together Chinese and French experts to discuss and dissect recent progress in these related fields; and to disseminate state of art, new knowledge and new concepts, to graduate students and junior researchers.

The book provides the readers with a unique and valuable opportunity to learn from and communicate with leading experts in nonlinear wave-type equations. The readers will witness the major development with the introduction of modern harmonic analysis and related techniques.

  • Dynamics of Nonlinear Wave Equations (Changxing Miao, Jiqiang Zheng)
  • Lectures on Nonlinear Wave Equations (Yi Zhou)
  • Quasi-Periodic Solutions to Nonlinear PDEs (W-M Wang)
  • Universal Dynamics for the Logarithmic Schrödinger Equations (Rémi Carles)

Readership: Undergraduate, graduate students and researchers interested in equations of mathematical physics.Harmonic Analysis;Wave Equations;Equations of Mathematical Physics00