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Life and love are more brutal than the crackled ice of a Rocky Mountain fourteener…

That’s what thrill-seeker Kaye Trilby believed, until a deadly avalanche almost swept her from the face of the earth. Now, tackling life and love with her ex-husband isn’t as traumatic as scaling the mountains she once longed for.

Or is it?

Kaye has loved the brilliant and guarded Samuel Cabral since childhood and, at last, he’s allowed her behind his carefully-cultivated veneer. But so much has changed in the years they lived apart, Kaye worries she may never fully know him. Why is Samuel firmly against becoming a father? Who is this mysterious woman in Mexico, and why is she a secret?

While Samuel chases ghosts through the lush hills of Tamaulipas, Kaye chases the woman she once was, up the peaks of Colorado’s gleaming fourteeners. In the end, is it possible Kaye and Samuel are chasing separate futures?
With this life-affirming and personal novel, Sarah Latchaw returns with a stunning, multifaceted conclusion to her Hydraulic series. Fourteeners is a grown-up story of first love and second chances.


Sarah Latchaw:
Sarah Latchaw was raised in eastern Iowa. After college, she left behind everything she knew to venture into the great wild of Des Moines. She has travelled across Europe, explored the Middle East, climbed mountains, and braved Legoland with her husband, son, and daughter. Sarah was awarded her MA in Creative Writing from Iowa State University. In recent years, she and her husband were licensed as foster parents and now call many children “their kids.” She lives for the special moments when she tells her kids not to jump on “the couch,” “the car,” “the cat,” or “your brother’s head.”