The Unholy Trinity

The Unholy Trinity

Obstacles to Living in the Fullness of God's Grace

Thomas Van Dyke


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In this book I try to describe, as clearly and simply as possible, the Christian journey from a life lived in worldliness and defeat to a life lived in and through the grace of God. I use the Biblical story of Israel’s journey from Egypt to Canaan in an allegorical sense to show how God, through the activities and resources of the Holy Trinity, tries to bring us to that place of living in grace, and how the devil, through the unholy trinity (the world, the flesh, and demonic resistance) seeks to thwart that journey. I focus on three fronts in the battle between the two trinities. On the first front, the devil works indirectly through the world system (Egypt) to deny us our freedom that we have due to the atonement. Living under the illusion of pleasure, we end up in extreme bondage. On the second front, the devil works indirectly through our flesh (Amalek) to hinder us from following the leadership of the Holy Spirit as He attempts to guide us into God’s grace. On the third front, we can expect to experience a more direct conflict with the devil and his spiritual forces (Canaan). These demonic forces will try to oppose and negate all the benefits of God’s promised grace that comes into our lives through Christ.



Thomas Van Dyke:

After earning a BA in education and science from Hope College in 1964 I worked as a secondary school teacher and administrator for a total of 17 years. Along the way I earned an MA in educational administration from Michigan State University. Beginning in 1973 I also served as a pastor and assistant pastor in three churches for a total of 40 years. I am retired, although I still do marital counseling, write, and garden with my granddaughter.