Hired for Skill Fired by Culture

Hired for Skill Fired by Culture

Career Strategies for Chinese International Scholars

Han Zhang


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Hundreds of thousands of international scholars from China study in the United States of America, but many of them never live up to their potential.

The ones that succeed, however, have a tremendous impact on Chinese politics, and they also play a significant role in United States politics, the economy, and social progress.

In this guide to succeeding as an international student, Han Zhang, who came to the United States as an international scholar when he was a teenager, shares best practices that will help you:

• Examine Chinese versus American workplace cultures, including thinking patterns, behavioral attributes, and interaction styles;
• Formulate cross-cultural workplace core competencies;
• Grasp workplace opportunities right in front of you.

He also shares strategies to overcome common challenges, examines individualism versus collectivism, reveals strategies on navigating job interviews, and explains how to ensure your resume makes a great first impression.

In a world of increasing competition, protectionism, and isolationism, where many international scholars no longer have some of the opportunities of the past world, this guide provides a blueprint to gain a competitive edge at an international level.