Living Prayer

Living Prayer

A Bible Study Calling for Action

Richard L. Bowman, Lee A. Martin


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When do Christians pray? Do we only pray at our daily devotional times or when the Lord's prayer is recited at a public event or in a worship litany? Many of us are acquainted with emergency prayer when an accident or heart attack involves one of our close relatives. At such times we often do not trust our own relationship with God enough, so we anxiously await the arrival of a minister at the hospital bedside for real prayer to happen. Is Christian prayer only an activity we practice in such ways, or is it more than that? Richard Bowman, in this Bible study and devotional guide, shows clearly that Jesus and New Testament church leaders taught living prayer as a way of life. Each of the twenty-five chapters includes a biblical text, some reflections on the text, and an easily carried-out assignment that leads readers into deeper conversations with the Spirit of God abiding in each of Christ's disciples.