Pathways to Well-Being

Pathways to Well-Being

Helping Educators (and Others) Find Balance in a Connected World

Susan Brooks-Young, Sara Armstrong


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We all want lives filled with balance, ease and contentment — but how do we get there? In Pathways to Well-Being, authors Susan Brooks-Young and Sara Armstrong share steps to increasing well-being and discuss how six elements — gratitude, positivity, focus, empathy, kindness and movement — impact daily life. All of us, especially educators, influence those around us — in our schools, in our communities and ultimately throughout the world. When we work toward supporting well-being for ourselves and others, our lives are enriched immensely. In Pathways to Well-Being, you’ll find suggestions for how to address the unexpected consequences of technology use and increase positive connections, which ultimately lead to enhanced well-being. The book includes an overview of each of the six elements of well-being with connections to the applicable ISTE Standards for Educators and the ISTE Standards for Education Leaders; real-world connections to help readers answer questions such as: “How does the topic relate to everyday life?” and “What can I do to incorporate what I’ve learned into what I do at work and at home to make my life, and the lives of those around me, better?”; information on the positive and negative aspects of technology related to overall well-being; reflection questions to help readers make healthy changes; and additional resources such as research, articles, books and websites.