Exposing the Secrets of Sin

Exposing the Secrets of Sin

Abozos Abiodun


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It is quite alarming and overwhelming the rate at which many, even the so-called Christians and non-Christians of this generation, are wallowing in sin in spite of one’s decision to let go of sin. In fact, all effort of prayer, fasting, and abstinence to keep away from sin seems not to be working. One thing, however, is that once one fails to understand the nature of sin—the working power of sin in one’s life—it will be very difficult to break from it. Hence, Exposing the Secrets of Sin is a book that has been written in-depth and inspired by the Holy Spirit to expose the secrets of sins and its effects on humans. This is because sin has become a yoke, sting, cankerworm, burden, and spirit that if one fails to understand its nature (activities and effects), one might remain in sin forever. This book is therefore God’s gift to you in all matter relating to sin, which has been eating deep into your soul. Why not take your time, read, digest, and apply the words of this book to your life and see yourself overcoming the power and spirit of sin in your life. Happy reading!