Write and Tear

Write and Tear

Detox Your Mind.

CS.I. Csölle Ildikó


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A truthfully written book about the authors life, which did manage to compose a simple guide needed for a mind detox. What was the reason for creating this guide? Why does this guide work? Why detoxify thoughts? Why detoxify negative emotions? Memories and failures? Because our brain must finish and needs to finish a process of handling stimulations. If it cycles, it can’t help us. That’s why it is important to help our brain with information detox. Get the rules on how to do it. The brain remembers everything. With this guide we will help him, on what we don’t want. How? How to start? What it needs to know. You can find all the important information in the book WRITE AND TEAR. Obtain the answers with a simple investment in yourself. It’s simple.