How Does Man Come to Know

How Does Man Come to Know

Pauline Schiappa


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The learning process establishes a wider, broader spectrum toward acquisition of personal believable knowledge in cognitive order to enrich sense experiences with cognitive interaction with earthly reality information. Acquired believable knowledge enables intellect to continuously acquire new believable knowledge. Quality of transformational thinking process occurring during interaction between consummation of earthly reality information and acquisition of knowledge from earthly reality information depends upon (1) cognitive awareness as well as quality of conscious awareness, (2) quantity and quality of previously acquired knowledge, and, (3) meaning and value of earthly reality information to present existing knowledge. Within intellect there exists mentally operational cognitive structures and cognitive functions that overtime have cognitively developed in cognitive order to transform earthly reality information into knowledge. Intellect, over time, existing in time and space continuously cognitively develops intellectual acumen in intellectual order to adequately acquire more enriched, enhanced knowledge from information. Enrichment, enhancement of knowledge variably depends upon (1) innate cognitive ability, (2) uniquely variable life experiences, (3) quality of cognitive development, (4) quality of thought development, (5) quality language development, (6) development of ego psyche awareness, and, (7) quality of mental operational interaction amongst intellect, ego psyche, and uncertain phenomenal earthly reality.