The Un-Walked Mile

The Un-Walked Mile

Abisai Temba


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This book is a result of long time research work about the origin of the Wa-Shaka people of Kilimanjaro Mountain area. The Wa-Shaka are known to have until now lived in Kilimanjaro for many hundreds of years. Till as late as now there is nobody who knows exactly who those people are, how they got to the Kilimanjaro Mountain area, from where they came from, or the factors that pushed from their places of origin to this Mountain area. A lot of attempts have made to get answers to the questions, but results were not encouraging. However, findings from this research work has shown that most past efforts have started from wrong premises, hence the failure before getting to any meaningful stage .However, as we read this book we will discover why past efforts have failed; we will be able to see a step by step, approach taken towards getting to the core problem identification, we will see the data collection process, the origin and destination process and ultimately the achievements realized. Walking the path has been quite a tough an achievement which has been realized only through this investigative work-hence, “The Un-walked Mile”