Heroes and Scoundrels

Heroes and Scoundrels

Five Decades of Flashpoints, Conflicts and Compromises Supporting Press Freedom in Latin America

Edward Seaton


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The past five decades have witnessed a flourishing of democracy and press freedom in Latin America. When Edward Seaton began his crusade in the 1970s on behalf of journalists and newspapers throughout the region, 80 percent of the countries were without either. Today most countries have an independent press and credible elections.

While the change reflects a worldwide wave, the individuals portrayed here were in their countries the locomotives of change. These courageous, modern-thinking journalistic leaders risked in many cases their businesses and even their lives to tell truth about government and society. They faced Iberian traditions that made their accomplishments even more impressive.

Organized in this book by geographic regions, their histories are related one country at a time. The people in these stories are heroes who helped build their emerging democracies.