Understanding the Differences of the Genders

Understanding the Differences of the Genders

What Makes Relationships Thrive. Identifying the Periods of Blues as Key to Understanding the Human Discords.

Otolorin Bell NMD


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This writing has been dictated by observation of human personalities. Most of the other writings I have read seem to placate some genders us means of pandering for sales. Also, knowing that certain human gender must be treated gently, the advice offered by earlier writings has been devoid of practical application or solution to the problem for success. What works is more important than ideal proposition. Adolescent amore must be distinguished from the matured adult relationships. While both are affected and afflicted by biochemical mix, the later situation is more organized and better understood because experience has been brought to bear on the effectiveness of the cerebral process. Relationship between a man and a woman is mostly based on informed selection or acceptance by the female gender who determines the dynamics of the mix. Then we can count on luck to meet our matches and prayer on the continuity of the sparks brought into the relationship, as long as equality forms the basis of the initial desire with no sides designing to take undue advantage of the other side. There would be no suppression or denial of freedom in the name of love either overtly or covertly. As long as the expression of that freedom does not inflict physical or chemical harm to either party in the pursuant of the heart's desire, love would be allowed to flourish unhindered.