Leading Toward the Future

Leading Toward the Future

Leadership Advice for the Modern World

Dr. Carol A. Kotlowski


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The face of leadership has changed. Fewer organizations now rely on the leadership techniques of the past, and the stereotypical image of old white men in suits seems less connected to the reality of leadership with each passing year. In today’s world, leadership comes in many styles, wears diverse faces, and can emerge from any level of the organizational hierarchy. Navigating this landscape can be tricky—especially when relying on outdated advice. In Leading Toward the Future, Dr. Carol Kotlowski takes a closer look at the realities of contemporary leadership. This book examines the challenges modern leaders face and the various methods that can be used to overcome them. By drawing on her experience in the military and the private sector, Dr. Kotlowski brings a unique perspective to the question “What makes a good leader?” With its emphasis on increasing diversity and navigating change, Leading Toward the Future is a modern leader’s handbook for success.