The Casey Bridge Bidding System

The Casey Bridge Bidding System

3Rd Edition 2020

Ken Casey


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This book incorporates the 2/1 Game Force bidding system whenever the opener bids a major suit. This book is designed to improve your bidding of minor suit openings in 3 steps. The 1st step involves bids to hamper the opponents from finding their 4-4 spade fit. This involves the use of the Casey overcall and the Weak 1NT opening. It also involves the use of the Casey-Jacoby transfer to find a 5-card major in responder’s hand and the use of inverted minors. The 2nd step involves adoption of the strong 2 bid, a bid of 20-21p. This allows the opener to use the Casey Reverse to show a hand of 16-17p by bidding at the 2-level and to show a hand of 18-19p by bidding at the 3-level. The Casey Minor Rebid convention allows the opening to show a 4+ card suit at the 2 or 3-level. The third step involves optimizing your slam bidding with the Casey Trump Queen convention. It also involves the use of the Redwood Kickback convention for minor suit contracts and the use of the Fourth Suit Forcing convention to ascertain whether opener has 5 cards in his 2nd bid minor suit.