The Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda

The Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda

The Case for Sustainable and Responsible Business

Olivier Delbard


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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a buzzword in management today. And yet, skepticism often prevails, as CSR is often associated with traditional philanthropic practices enabling companies to greenwash their unethical social and environmental practices. This book offers a fresh view on today's CSR from both historical and geographical perspectives. Exploring its roots and theoretical developments in the US, the author then focuses on how CSR has spread across the world, first in Europe and later in the developing world. An updated overview of today's CSR agenda is provided with a focus on four key issues: stakeholder inclusion, employee engagement and social dialogue, human rights and environmental sustainability. With the support of multiple cases and examples taken from various continents and industries, the book adopts a sustainability-driven perspective, based on the belief that the future of CSR lies in the strategic embeddeness of key issues into the company's value chain. Finally, the book attempts to draw the contours of tomorrow's CSR by proposing a new terminology reflecting the current evolution of CSR.

  • Towards CSR Embeddedness — From Theory to Practice
  • The Stakeholder Challenge
  • The 'Blind Spot' of CSR? Social Dialogue and Policies
  • Human Rights and CSR — A Long Way to Go
  • From CSR to Sustainability — Learning from Nature
  • Tomorrow's CSR Agenda

Readership: Business students (including both undergraduate and postgraduate), academics and general public interested in corporate social responsibility (CSR). Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR);Sustainability;Ecology;Stakeholders;Business ethics;Management0Key Features:
  • Alternative view from the mainstream Anglo-saxon approach
  • Comprehensive and prospective on the subject
  • Dealing with some still rarely discussed topics such a CSR and workers representation or human rights