Concise Guide to Medicinal Application in Pediatrics

Concise Guide to Medicinal Application in Pediatrics

Translation of Xiao Er Yao Zheng Zhi Jue

Yi Qian, Mingshan Yang


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This is a full-text English translation of the TCM classic on pediatrics written by QIAN Yi (1032–1113 CE). It covers syndrome identification and treatment of diseases in infants and young children. The book consists of three parts: Part I is about diagnosis of children's diseases and their recommended treatments. There are 81 articles covering a wide range of clinical patterns. Part II reports 23 case studies and provides an invaluable record of the clinical practices at that time. Part III contains over one hundred medicinal formulas for use in various treatment plans.

  • About Qian Zhong Yang (Qian Yi)
  • Part I: Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment
  • Part II: 23 Medical Cases
  • Part III: Prescriptions and Formulas;
  • Appendix: Translation of TCM Medicinals

Readership: Researchers and medical practitioners interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine and pediatrics.Infant;Children's Disease;Pediatrics;TCM;Chinese Medicinal;Qi;Decoction00