Trade Among Nations

Trade Among Nations

Dimensions; Proportions; Directions

Michael Michaely, David Wajnryt


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In this new global era, the rising degree of interconnectedness between countries is giving rise to higher levels of trade. Trade Among Nations: Dimensions; Proportions; Directions presents an empirical study of several salient attributes of the size and patterns of trade among nations. It addresses the importance of trade in a nation's economic activity and its change over time, structural attributes of trade flows, and the directions of these flows. By exploring historical data and employing alternative and novel methods of analysis, Trade Among Nations uncovers new insights in the areas of global and intra-industry trade that go beyond conventional wisdom, and answers the age-old question since the dawn of globalization — should the world become more or less 'global' in trade?

  • List of Tables and Charts
  • Introduction
  • Trade Expansion: The Share of World Trade
  • Trade Structure and Trade Performance
  • Commodity Concentration Re-Visited
  • Intra-Industry, Intra-Product, and Inter-Product Trade
  • The Impact of Distance: A Non-Newtonian Analysis
  • The Distance Level of Trade
  • The Extent of Regional Trading
  • Focus on Europe
  • Annex A: A Compendium of Indices
  • Annex B: Sources of Data (Listed by Tables)
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Readership: Academics, researchers, postgraduate students, general readers interested in trade.Global Trade;Share of Trade;Trade Structure;Trade and Distance;Trade and Income;Regional Trading0Key Features:
  • Analyzes issues and elements crucial for comprehending the patterns and behaviour of global trade and for forming expectations for its future developments
  • Provides an alternative and more plausible answers to the question of the impact of distance on the size and directions of global trade flows
  • Formulates new indices to evaluate attributions of trade