Maximum Momentum

Maximum Momentum

Mike Berland


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Do you wonder why some ideas go viral and others sink? Why one political candidate soars while another fails to gain traction? Why one product becomes an instant rage, while its competitor struggles to stay above water?

         What is the secret to momentum?

         Many people believe that momentum is driven by emotion and is unpredictable, but as Mike Berland, the internationally recognized pollster and strategic advisor, has discovered, it’s actually a science, with easily analyzed metrics. In Maximum Momentum: How to Get It, How to Keep It, Berland reveals the key to momentum, beginning with the simple physics formula— mass x velocity. He then develops a Momentum Matrix—five signals that decode the science into effective measures.

         Maximum Momentum is a lively examination of hot trends in the current arena—from politics to society to business to sports. Using colorful graphics to underscore the stories, Berland examines the people, issues, movements and products that most captivate Americans.


Mike Berland:
Mike Berland is an internationally recognized strategic advisor and communications consultant, who has represented prominent political figures, major companies and social movements. During more than 25 years, Berland has had his finger on the pulse of public opinion and behaviors, and is currently the founder of Decode_M, a company that decodes data to understand and increase momentum for his clients. Decode_M seeks to bring an innovative approach to synthesizing data into insights, using the most advanced tools available.

         Berland has worked with political candidates in the U.S. and abroad, pioneering state of the art micro-targeting to win key voters, based on shared interests and concerns, rather than racial, cultural or ideological differences. He has led research-based marketing communications campaigns for major U.S. and global brands, including Facebook, WeWork, Airbnb, Lyft, McGraw Hill Financial, Microsoft, Estee Lauder Companies, National Hockey League, Shell, CVS, Samsung, Major League Baseball, Unilever, Coca-Cola and Mike Bloomberg. Berland appears regularly on Fox Business Network and MSNBC to discuss business and political trends.